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Buy Company Shares

Purchase New Shares!

This option allows you to purchase the minimum amount of 125,000 Shares in Magno Energy Pty Ltd at AUD$0.10c per share or AUD$12,500 per tranche of shares. There are options for this bundle of 125,000 Shares to be paid off in monthly installments which will include a Membership Fee of AUD$10.00 per month or AUD$120.00 per annum. Click SIGN UP fpr you new Shares.
8% Annual Returns
min. $12,500.00

Convertible Note Loans!

This option allows you to purchase a Convertible Note (loan to the company) for a two-year period. Each Note attracts an interest payment of 8% per annum paid quarterly.

At the end of the two-year period, you have the option to renew the Convertible Note or Redeem it for cash. You also have the right to convert the Note to Company Shares.
Vestige Members

Free To Join Members!

This subscription option provides access for new Members to join for FREE and learn more about Magno Energy's products and services. In addition, vested Members invited by the Company and who are provided with a membership level for them to participate in a similar manner to other unrelated companies since 2005. All free to join members are vetted by management before activated.