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Investor Relations

Magno Energy Pty Ltd ACN 624 376 227 is an Australian company incorporated in Queensland. Significant levels of capital have been invested to date to bring the Magno Energy technology beyond research and development and with this, the Company has now moved the technology to the Proof of Concept stage and into the commercialization phase in Q2 2022. The company is seeking formal capital investments and new government support in grants and tax concessions to move it to a position of a local Australian manufacturer and job creator, with sales-specific production, and recuring global sales. To this end, the Company has contracted a professional consultancy to FeaseX Pty Ltd to assist with business modeling for the important process of meeting capital investment milestones of which this full financial opportunity can be seen by private investors.

The Company offers to sell 50 million ordinary shares at $0.10 each to raise $2 million from Retail Investors and $3 million from Sophisticated Investors pursuant to Sect. 708 of the Corporations Act over the next 2 years. The law provides that the maximum number of Retail Investors who can subscribe is 20 and the maximum amount they can invest is $2 million. The number of shares and the amount of subscriptions by Sophisticated Investors is not restricted by law. As the Company is incorporated in Australia, any prospective overseas Investors can liaise with the company Directors in regard to their participation.

…For more information and a copy of our Private Offer document please request our Magno Energy Pty Ltd Private Offer Document.

Our Business Schedule

In building a path forward for Magno Energy and maintaining the business, we have identified three significant development milestones.  We will monitor the achievement of both time and cost parameters in the achievement of these milestones closely in a FeaseX Model and reports.  Any investment into the business can be provided in tranches, pegged to these. A detailed project plan outlining how and who will be responsible for the delivery of these tasks is provided in a formal project plan as seen in our Private Offer document that can be downloaded from our Supported Venture consultants. The Company Directors have engaged a Venture Capital consultancy Hop2it Ventures (www.hop2it.ventures) to assist the company with its corporate governance and investor relations.


The business is seeking an initial investment of AUD $1,200,000 in order to meet planned milestones over the next 12 months and a more formal capital raise for production and international sales as per our Private Offer Document.  Failure to receive the funds will result in a delayed Proof of Concept completion and scalling up to the commercial launch as scheduled.  Beyond the initial tranche, we will require an additional AUD $2 Million to fully realize our plans in 2022. The investments have been assumed in our FeaseX cash flow model.  This model demonstrates the level of free cash flow expected and produces NPV (Net Present Value) and times earnings (cash) valuations.