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Queensland Smart Magno Technology

Magno Energy undertakes research and development on radiant sustainable energy systems and manufactures unique radiant energy generators that offer panel-less solar power as an Australian technology developed in Queensland, the Company strives; “To reduce your total cost of energy beyond what is possible with traditional panel-based solar systems.”.

Our goal is to disrupt existing energy generation and distribution by providing free unlimited power in a compact form that can be used to meet the power requirements of a home, office, or factory.  Whilst solar systems provide access to free power, the ability to efficiently convert that power into energy outside of daylight hours is very limited.

Magno Energy’s current products will be ready for release after further testing, ruggedization, and production testing through mid-2020. The Company has been developed with a core focus on the customer.  Before developing our products and services, we focused on identifying the key value drivers for the Independently Generated Base-Load Renewable Energy customer To succinctly state how we provide value to our customers, we have developed a value statement that takes into account our positioning and broader business strategy within the marketplace.

…To date, our achievements include the following:

  • Built a working prototype of a 14 KW radiant energy transceiver to demonstrate the effectiveness and method of operation.  Furthermore, the prototype has assisted us to identify unique methods of enhancing the output.  
  • Obtained two independent reports on the technology.  The first is from ViPac Engineers in Brisbane and indicates the system is able to operate at 900% efficiency based on a “watts in watts out” analysis.  The University of Melbourne also conducted testing validating the device.  
  • Commenced negotiation for the deployment of the system in China, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our Business Objectives

Our strategy for demonstrating near-term business viability is to demonstrate the prototype to key prospective customers, obtain an independent review of the technology by Planet Ark, finalize product engineering.  Once the foundations have been established, we will undertake certification of the 3kw and 5kw systems in preparation for the imminent market launch. Over the longer term, we aim to miniaturize the generation system to enable energy generation in transport systems including aviation, automotive, and telecommunications.  We expect that within this timeframe we will have several offers to acquire the business.    We will engage a patent insurer to ensure any infringement of our intellectual property is prevented from occurring.

The Company Directors have engaged a Venture Capital consultancy Hop2it Australasia Pty Ltd and its Angel Ventures division (www.hop2it.ventures) to assist the company with its corporate governance and investor relations.