Magno Energy has undertaken years of research and development on radiant sustainable energy systems and manufactures unique radiant energy generators that offer panel-less solar power. This exciting technology originally thought of in the 1800s has been developed to a commercial standard with added intellectual property and with a Patient Pending.

The following video illustrates a high technological innovation made in Brisbane, Australia, by Magno Energy Pty Ltd and its Partners, which through our R&D phase we called “Smart Q” as an acronym for “Smart Queensland, where the technology concept was originally designed, developed and proven. We are now taking this exciting innovation to the global market to provide clean renewable energy to the world.

It is considered the most environmentally friendly source of energy-producing no carbon or sulfate emissions. The output of the generator is dependent on two factors, (1) the strength of the magnets and (2) the gauge of the copper wire used in the assembly.

The time is right for Argyle Energy to deliver on its value statement.  We are strongly positioned to take advantage of the window of opportunity because other players in the industry are busy selling solar panels and have not invested the time and research to develop a completely different approach to the capture of solar energy that does not require solar panels. Our approach is disruptive to an industry that has become accustomed to selling a large volume of Photovoltaic panels.