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Back to the Future

Magno Energy Pty Ltd ACN 624 376 227 started its green energy journey in Queensland. Australia. Sometimes, humans have to look back, to move forward. Our company is one of those visionaries and has spent significant time in research and development to perfect a technology that is not new but originally thought of by one, Nicola Telsa in the late 1800s. Back at his laboratory on Grand Street in New York City, Tesla engrossed himself in the exploration of high‐frequency electricity. In 1888, Heinrich Hertz confirmed experimentally that an electric spark is responsible for the propagation of electromagnetic waves into space. Following in these longstanding footsteps, “Magno Energy” was the description we developed for this exciting project. This new acronym describes our plans through continued development to commercial perfection of the conceptual smart and green technology, originally thought of over 130 years ago. This web site has been developed to document this exciting “Smart Queensland” project and the many failures, and now finally success that our company has experienced to commercialize the Magno Energy technology.

Magnetic Inducer Technology

We are seeking Investors pursuant to the Company’s Offer document which can be downloaded below, to move to the commercialization of this exciting renewable power generating technology.

The Company has developed a technology that will redefine the electrical energy generation sector. The Digital Magnetic Inducer Generator provides access to an inexpensive, continuously available, and non-polluting method for generating electrical energy in a format that is applicable in both small and large-scale, fixed and portable, energy scenarios. The Magno Generator is currently being commercialized and this capital raise is planned to move it onto production and revenue from the sale of machines with capacities starting at 5MW respectively and is easily customizable to larger scales.